How to Spot a Legitimate Online Business and MLM Opportunity |

Due to the ever increasing popularity of the internet there are a growing number or Online Business, Internet Marketing, MLM (Multi Level Marketing) and Network Marketing scams out there. Before you spend any time or money on any specific online business opportunity, there are some very important points that you should consider first. Research, research, research! I cannot say this enough. If you look for a MLM business opportunity that meets all of the below criteria you will significantly reduce the likelihood of buying into an online business or internet marketing scam!Track Record -A top quality MLM online business opportunity will either have a proven track record that the company makes easily available or if it is a new opportunity it will have a clear statement of the plan, the potential, the up-front and ongoing costs. Ideally you will also want to know how much time you will need to invest into the business.

If you are starting out in your online business I strongly recommend choosing a proven internet marketing business as this increases your chances of success.Contact Details -Does the company have an address and phone number? This may seem like a silly question, but the fact is, there are a large number of companies that operate with only a website and email address. Make sure the business you intend to invest your time and money into has a physical location address, a website, email address and a phone number. Very importantly you should not have to look very hard to find these details, you want to deal with a company that wants you to be able to contact them for guidance and support!Testimonials -Does this MLM online business opportunity provide some written and video testimonials from successful members that they make readily available? Most business opportunities will show you testimonials but be wary as these can often be fabricated or untruthful. For this reason video testimonials are more trustworthy but ideally you want to find a company who will give you the names and details of successful members that you can contact. Call them via telephone and ask them any questions that you may have. Not only will this give you confidence and a better first hand understanding of the business, you can also begin to build relationships with key members of the business who you can refer to as mentors.Initial Investment -How much upfront investment is required? Do not assume that a business opportunity that is free to join is a better investment, however be wary of paying a large upfront cost as well. The final decision really comes down to value for money, income potential and support. You will want a clear cut idea of the ongoing fees and charges from the business, as well as full information on any external programs, systems or marketing that you are required to use. Check out the income projections for the MLM online business opportunity and then speak to the existing members to find out if this is reasonable and achievable.

Any MLM, online or internet business opportunity should ideally require low initial investment and have a high profit potential both in the short term and in the long term. There should be a large amount of support available and the system should allow you some freedom to run the business yourself and to make some of the marketing and advertising decisions. Once you find an MLM online business opportunity that meets the above criteria, you have not only successfully avoided being scammed, but you are well on your way to building a profitable business of your own that will be a strong and stable source of income far into the future.

The Advantages of Free Online Business Advertising |

The massive popularity of the Internet has proven to be an extremely effective medium for various commercial enterprises to promote their business and increase their visibility. However, in many ways Internet business advertising is just like its more traditional counterparts such as print and TV advertising. Success in increasing a company’s popularity and revenue is not always guaranteed and it may entail some costs as well.Online Versus Traditional AdvertisingThere are also obvious differences between online and traditional advertising and these differences make it obvious that the best way to advertise a business is to have a reputable presence online. This is true for all kinds of advertising including business to business advertising. Reputable is perhaps the “key” word here. A good reputation can spread quickly across cyberspace, but a bad reputation can travel the Internet at almost the speed of light. It’s simply human nature. Bad news travels much faster. A business can establish its reputation much more effectively online if it employs a viable strategy. Such a strategy often incorporates two essential elements: low costs and an underlying goal to become trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

Free AdvertisingOnline advertising is different from more traditional advertising methods such as TV and print mostly because it is possible for a business to become more popular and more trusted even without spending a lot of money for marketing. It’s even possible to spend no money at all.For example, a business can choose to have itself listed in several prominent online directories so that potential customers can find it more easily. An online directory functions much like a regular telephone directory in that a particular company is placed in an appropriate category, and space is allocated for information about the company. Using an online directory, even a popular one, is possible without spending a dollar for the privilege.Blogs have also become popular these days, and it is possible to set up a blog for free. Some sites offer to put up your blog at no cost at all, and it is also possible to create a blog within your commercial website by using free blogging tools.Social media can also be used to promote a business, and like the other methods it doesn’t cost a thing. Fans of your website, services, or products may be so enamored that they may be enjoined to talk about your company to their friends and contacts through popular social media sites. This is what is known as viral marketing: a consumer’s enthusiasm for a particular product or service can “infect” their friends, who in turn infect their friends. If your method of advertising for business online is effective, customers can be prompted to rave about your business without you having to shell out a single cent.

Building TrustThere is an underlying degree of anxiety regarding most online business transactions, and free advertising methods can be quite effective in alleviating those concerns. Online directories can be positive proof that your business exists, and that it is not a scam. Blog articles can indicate your expertise and your business may likewise be able to build credibility if it is wholeheartedly recommended by many.When you advertise your business online, you can increase your profit margin cost-effectively.